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Designed for those who defy limits…

HyLo improves the way you work by converting your desk or countertop into a standing workspace. Enjoy the health benefits and productivity perks of standing anytime or anywhere. Made exclusively in the USA.

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The world’s best wooden standing desk converter

HyLo Desk

Standing Desk Converter

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Hylo Desk lets students and professionals take an active approach to a healthier, more productive lifestyle. It brings a whole new class of stability, durability and design to virtually any surface in your home, office, or dorm room.  The flexible ring light evenly illuminates your face making you look better than ever when making video calls, live-streaming, or participating in online meetings.  Cable pass-thru holes in each adjustable shelf create a tidy workspace without clutter or distraction. We’ve thought of everything you so can work worry-free!

Includes Integrated Ring Light!

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Transform how you work

We created the HyLo Desk so you can sit or stand while you work and feel good about getting stuff done. The compact dual-tier setup is easily adjustable–giving you the freedom to work how you want, where you want. HyLo Desk offers an elegant, ergonomic design that converts any flat surface into the perfect standing desk.

“Great for any space”

HyLo Desk transforms the way that you work, and enjoy the health benefits of standing.

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HyLo Desk really helped during Covid-19. Switching to working from home, meant I needed the ability to be mobile in the kitchen and other places of my home, but still be able to work in a professional way. HyLo Desk is the best of both worlds. Highly recommended by someone who stands 🙂

The issue with most of these standing desks is stability. HyLo Desk is stable to hold even my largest monitors. It’s not only a standing desk, it can also double as a monitor holder for your office. Truely unique product. Well done.

I purchased this for my daughters dorm room. The desk space in her dorm doesn’t really work. We tried a few solutions before finding HyLo. This standing desk allows her to not only work, but watch movies from her laptop where ever she wants. Great product.

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